Urgent Problems during Surgery Hours

If you have an urgent problem during surgery hours (8:00am-6:30pm) call the health centre on 0208 886 2751. The receptionist will need to take some details about the problem and arrangements will be made for you to be seen by the doctor as soon as possible.

Emergencies when the surgery is closed

If you have an urgent problem when our practice is closed is closed, 6:30pm to 8:00am on weekdays and at weekends, then please call NHS 111 service by dialing 111. They will arrange for you to be seen if appropriate.

Life Threatening Emergencies

In a life-threatening emergency such as sudden severe chest pain, severe breathlessness, loss of power in a limb, loss of consciousness or severe bleeding dial 999.


The Health Centre is equipped to treat minor injuries like small cuts and joint sprains. If the injury is more severe or may involve a broken bone then you should attend the local minor injuries unit at your nearest A&E department(e.g. Barnet Hospital or North Middlesex Hospital)
Also in the event of poisoning or overdose the attend the local A+ E.